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Green Mtn. Concert Services provides event planning, management and security, as well as crowd management and traffic control.
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Your Safety Professionals™

Green Mtn. Concert Services, Inc. (GMCS) has been providing best-of-class security solutions since 1995. With over 100 years of combined experience, our management team and expert staff can provide security solutions for every security need. GMCS believes that specialized training, professional development, ongoing coaching, and team leadership produce an advanced, private security team that excels at every level. Our personnel is the reason GMCS is a trusted and respected industry leader and why our loyal clients continue to use us for all their security needs.

GMCS provides a complete range of scalable solutions.

Details Event Security and Crowd Management Solution

GMCS is an asset whether you are promoting a 60,000 person event or having a twenty person business function.

Details Higher Education Security Solution

GMCS is an asset to your institutions unique safety needs from bus monitoring to evacuation planning. We are the one-stop for your campus safety and security needs.

Details Corporate Risk Management Solution

GMCS will solve your company’s unique security needs whether at company headquarters or at a trade show.

Details Commercial Security Solution

GMCS is an asset whether needing to protect your building or identify unsafe circumstances.

GMCS currently holds licenses in ten (10) states;

  • Connecticut
    Security License # AS-2454
  • Massachusetts
    Security License # W-809
  • Maine
    Security License # 03/004
  • New Hampshire
    Security License # SA-543
  • New Jersey
    Security License # 1429
  • New York
    Security License # 11000137933
  • Pennsylvania
  • Security License # CP-21-MD-0698-2012
  • Rhode Island
    Security License # 264
  • Vermont
    Security License # 044-0002130
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Without exception, all Security Guards are licensed, insured, and bonded.

At GMCS you don’t just get a service, you get a solution!